Is AdvisorShares MSOS Experiencing A Breakout?

Welcome to our live streamed TDR’s Trade To Black podcast. Cannabis was strong last week and AdvisorShares was leading the way. Tune in to this episode as host Shadd Dales interviews Dan S. Ahrens, the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of AdvisorShares. 

AdvisorShares offers actively managed thematic ETFs in a broad range of industries, but today we go deep into the exciting world of cannabis investments as we take a closer look at the holdings in the AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA: MSOS). Dan is also the MSOS ETF portfolio manager. 

Friday was an interesting day in the market. We’ll take a close look at some of the trading action of MSOS and its increasing volume, comparing against some of the other big companies such as Tilray.

It’s a new year with a lot of potential to look forward to, so the market is enjoying its fair share of interest. Dan S. Ahrens shares his invaluable insights into the cannabis industry and its recent developments. What might investors be able to expect in industry news and evolving trends for 2024? That’s part of what we’ll tackle in today’s interview. 

Together, we’ll explore the expansion plans of a handful of the most prominent cannabis companies, offering you a unique investor perspective on some of the potential growth and opportunities that may occur. It’s a dynamic sector, so it’s always important to try to keep a finger on the pulse of the trends happening.

Tune in now to meet Dan S. Ahrens and learn about MSOS, and get ready for an informative and engaging conversation with one of the industry’s leading experts. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis market and its investment prospects. It’s not to be missed. 

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