SocialSuite Makes ESG Compliance Solutions Easy For Companies

In this new Trade To Black Podcast, TDR Founder Shadd Dales and contributor Anthony Varrell spoke with Socialsuite President Seth Forman, an all-in-one, simple and cost-effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting platform. This conversation touched on the growing importance of ESG compliance among public and private companies—an importance that will only heighten as regulators tighten rules going forward.

ESG refers to a framework used by investors and other stakeholders to evaluate a company’s performance and risks related to these three factors:

• Environmental factors consider a company’s impact on the natural environment, such as its greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, and resource conservation.

• Social factors consider a company’s impact on society, including labor practices, human rights, and community involvement.

• Governance factors consider the internal policies and procedures that a company uses to manage its operations, such as executive compensation, board diversity, and shareholder rights.

ESG criteria are used to assess a company’s long-term sustainability and its ability to manage risks and opportunities related to environmental and social issues, as well as governance. Investors may use ESG criteria to inform their investment decisions, and companies may use ESG principles to guide their sustainability initiatives and improve their overall performance.

More than the companies’ economical impact, investors are starting to add focus on accountability and are now screening out and looking for companies that have responsible operations, thus the rising demand for ESG reports.

Social Suite opened to become a platform for companies and businesses to help them start up and process the correct ESG requirements and produce the essential reports that will serve as their transparency and reputation that can further strengthen the company’s integrity.

Click on the embedded link to view more of our new interview with Socialsuite President Seth Forman, in his own words.

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