TDR’s Psychedelic, Cannabis and Capital Markets Podcast Debuts

The Dales Report has experienced a lot of growth over the past 18 months, having emerged from being a startup publication focusing on the psychedelics/cannabis/sport betting and eSports verticals to something much more. In that span, we’ve conducted interviews with the who’s who of the industry, as well as editorial content that continues to engage. TDR is now widely acknowledged as one of the leading content platforms in the psychedelic space—our foremost vertical of coverage—and the best is yet to come!

Now, TDR is introducing a weekly podcast featuring TDR Founder/President Shadd Dales, prominent industry investor Anthony Varrell, and TDR Lead Financial Writer Benjamin A. Smith to provide value-add investor insights into the verticals that we cover. This includes analysis, the narratives moving our sectors of coverage, the stocks that we like best, and more. The weekly podcast is a natural extension to the TDR platform, which has always strived to become a multi-faceted platform for prescient industry content.

One of the topics that we explore is the market’s reaction to Cybin Inc., which finished higher on the week (+1.85% to $3.84) despite pricing 8,824,000 common shares at a price of $3.40/share. The panel agreed that the quick U-Turn from the sub $3.40 level—on strong volume—is indicative that insatiable demand for the equity of this sector-leading psychedelic company. Both Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell both indicated that they bought the dip brought forth by the marketed offering, which turned out to be a prescient call.

We also discuss investing strategies related to the COMPASS Pathways Phase 2B endpoint data—expected to be released in the fourth quarter. The panel agrees that the results could catalyze the psychedelics market in a material way. An in-depth discussion on NFTs, cryptocurrency and the state of U.S. cannabis market is covered as well.

Click on the embedded link for more of our inaugural TDR podcast with TDR Founder Shadd Dales, prominent industry investor Anthony Varrell, and TDR Lead Financial Writer Benjamin A. Smith, in their own words.

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