Trade To Black 26: Growth In DeFi Expected To Transcend Russia Uncertainty

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales and Benjamin A. Smith sat down with our special guest, Liquid Meta Holdings (NEO:LIQD) CEO Jonathan Wiesblatt.

Liquid Meta is a company that operates in the digital asset ecosystem and generates meaningful revenue as service fees are triggered each time a transaction takes place in the liquidity pool. Simultaneously, the company is developing its Meta Bridge platform linking DeFi markets and assets through a central platform. While Liquid Meta is the world’s first publicly traded liquidity miner, it’s really a cutting-edge technology company developing proprietary SaaS solutions for the institutional DeFi market.

As a former Sprott and Ninepoint Partners Portfolio Manager, Mr. Wiesblatt gives his expert take on the current state of traditional and DeFi markets, as well as Liquid Meta.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode 26 CliffsNotes…


@1:50 Jonathan Wiesblatt gives his 40,000 foot macro view on the state of the market following the Russia war in Ukraine, which will have an effect on investment flows.

@4:05 Specifically to the crypto and DeFi market—which is Liquid Meta’s domain of business—many investors view these asset classes as synonymous. How do they differ?

@6:25 With Russia hosting a sizable percentage of crypto mining operations and the various cross-investments entwining North American assets, how does the war complicate the crypto investing landscape?

@8:43 Liquid Meta currently trading at cash on balance sheet and the reasons behind this. The market appetite for risk assets in low at the present time.

@12:08 The considerable frustration of trading at cash, despite a company which is fully funded for the long term. Jonathan Wiesblatt explains how the liquidity mining portion of his model works.

@14:46 The perspective of where crypto and DeFi markets are right now, given their vary nascent history versus traditional markets. What are the growth catalysts that will take these markets higher?

@17:33 More people are looking to transact with Bitcoin or Ethereum in a crypto wallet as opposed to the traditional banking system.

@21:05 What go you interested in the DeFi space enough to move away from working in traditional finance?

@23:07 Are you worried that negative regulatory events will suppress the DeFi industry?

@25:28 Changing of the guard from traditional finance to decentralized finance.

@28:30 Jonathan addresses the psychedelic industry.

@30:30 The impact of Russia on the space.

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