Trade To Black 27: Uncertainty Abounds As Cannabis Reform Slow On The Uptake

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales and Benjamin A. Smith sat down with our special guest, Glass House Brands (OTCMKTS: GLASF) Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Kyle Kazan. A range of issues are discussed, ranging from the pace of federal cannabis reform, Chuck Schumer’s potential “gaslighting” of the industry, the future of GLASF in an interstate commerce world and more.

Glass House Brands is one of the fastest-growing, vertically integrated cannabis companies in the U.S., with a focus on the California market and building leading, lasting brands to serve consumers across all segments. Phase I expansion of its primary Southern California cultivation facility is expected to expand its greenhouse footprint by approximately 1.6 million square feet, with optionality of to expand the long-term footprint on location to 6 million square feet. With its ultra-modern and efficient greenhouse addition, the company is building leading economies of scale that can compete on COGS with any indoor grower in the state.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode 27 CliffsNotes…


@2:10 A lot of hope and promises for the cannabis industry when the Biden administration took office. MSOS initially soared. But it hasn’t turned out like investors expected. Kyle Kazan’s take.

@4:19 Here we are in 2022. But there’s still people serving lifetime sentences for non-violent cannabis crimes.

@8:19 Why would Chuck Schumer introduce encompassing federal cannabis reform legislation (CAOA) that nobody thinks has a chance of actually passing. Is there something deeper at play?

@14:25 How does the system work to allow injustices to consistent prevail as it relates to cannabis laws?

@19:00 California’s Department of Cannabis Control has issued a regulatory proposal the agency said seeks to streamline and simplify cannabis regulations while addressing consumer protections and emergency regulations permanent changes. Kyle discusses how this will affect the legal industry.

@21:50 Kyle drills down on California’s tax situation and what kind of effect will this have on the legal market.

@24:40 The advantages of cost and predictability of indoor grow versus outdoor grow.

@29:10 Glass House Brands is building a company that can produce cannabis at low cost and at scale. Is the long term goal to sell to a larger MSO such as Curaleaf Holdings or Green Thumb Industries once interstate commerce becomes permitted?

@36:30 The possibility of passing SAFE Banking in 2022 is variable depending on who you ask. Some analysts believe it can pass after Chuck Schumer CAOA bill is tried, assuming it fails. Other analysts believe 2023 is more likely. Opinions from Kyle and Ben.

@42:46 Kyle addresses SAFE Banking fatigue from an investor’s perspective. Trader vs. investor mentality.

@44:40 Kyle played with some impressive players at his time playing basketball at USC.

@47:01 March Madness picks.

The TDR question this week: Do you think SAFE Banking will pass in 2022? Let us know in the comments section.

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