Trade To Black 28: Next Week’s MORE Act Vote Triggers MSOS and LP Momentum

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales and Benjamin A. Smith sat down with our special guest, Greg Shafransky. A range of issues are discussed, ranging from the last week surge in cannabis licensed producer and MSOS stocks, next week’s MORE Act vote and the difference in liquidity between Big Board and OTC exchanges.

We also discuss commodities with Greg Shafransky, who is an active mining investor with 35 years experience, a noted social influencer, and founder of stockshaman.com. Mr. Shafransky was also voted #3 in the world as an influencer on Battery Metals last year. In the interview, Greg reveals one of his top picks in the mining sector for 2022—a potential 10-bagger in his estimation. @stockshaman on Twitter.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode 28 CliffsNotes…


@2:25 Cannabis stocks had nice momentum to end the week based on the upcoming MORE Act vote, scheduled to take place on March 31. What does this vote mean for cannabis market investors and what are its chances of passing?

@4:17 Why is Chuck Schumer determined to pass CAOA when he knows it likely doesn’t have enough support to pass through the Senate?

@6:17 Up until the last couple of days, volume in many MSOS was basing as liquidity was falling off. But Shadd believes there’s still plenty of interest in the space and that volumes may start to return. Ben comments on the massive difference of liquidity between Big Board exchanges versus OTC exchanges

@8:25 What can Curaleaf Holdings, Trulieve Cannabis and other large Tier-1 MSOS expect in trading volume once they uplist to major exchanges?

@9:50 Could the trading volume in LPs such as Tilray and Canopy Growth be affected should SAFE Banking go through, leading to MSO component companies uplisting to Big Board exchanges?

@12:36 Cresco Labs received several price target downgrades following Q4 2021 financial results and the acquisition of Columbia Care. Were you surprised at all with Cresco’s weak Q4 earnings?


@15:04 Greg talks about the battery technology space, which is experience a surge in demand as electric vehicle become more popular.

@16:58 Lithium prices have risen dramatically, rising 500% since June 2021. Greg weighs-in. Graphine Manufacturer Group discussed.

@18:50 Why has the market under-invested in base metal explorers?

@20:15 Is Greg bullish on junior copper explorers with claims in central British Columbia? Greg reveals one of his top mining picks for 2022.

@23:50 Is it a concern for the mining space that the sector is cyclical and slower-moving than other investment options?

@26:00 What is the formula for picking stock mining winners?

@27:45 A recent squeeze in the Nickle market stuck a Chinese tycoon with billions in losses and forced the exchange to close down for several days. Greg gives his take on what happened.

@30:05 Is there something akin to a force majeure in the market, where the exchange can cancel trades on the event of an emergency? Could other commodities such as copper, zinc or aluminum repeat what Nickle has done in the future?

@33:33 Where can the price of copper go after reaching all-time highs this year?

@34:38 A lot of things are hidden in the background that many investors don’t see. Greg talks about his 1 1/2 Bitcoin.

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