Trade To Black Podcast 16: MSOS Trying To Find Bottom, Though Headwinds Remain

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, we again speak with Benjamin A. Smith with Anthony Varrell about the sectors that we cover. We focus on U.S. cannabis: with the hope of federal legislative action discounted in the near term, the focus shifts towards 2022 has commenced. It’s a tricky investing environment, with AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (MSOS) still searching for bottom to stem the non-stop hemorrhaging that has taken place in 2021. The plurality of market watchers expect a rebound and sentiment remains high, but the headwinds of slower quarter-over-quarter growth and an uncertain regulatory environment remain. This is countered by the fact that Tier-1 MSOS remain very cheap according to growth valuation metrics, and its longer-term prospects look outstanding.

As usual, we also cover the crypto/NFT and psychedelics markets in the aftermath.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode #16 CliffsNotes…


@1:49 Canada’s largest investment bank, Canaccord Genuity, released their top U.S. cannabis stocks for 2022. We discuss the picks.

@4:52 Both Ben and Varrell like Curaleaf Holdings going into 2022.

@5:41 Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Pablo Zuanic doesn’t think calendar Q4 2021 growth will be particularly inspiring in U.S. cannabis. We discuss his recent note in detail and provide commentary.

@8:47 What happened with MSOS and the industry this past year?

@12:20 Investment bank Piper Sandler with lowered 2022 revenue estimates and a steep price target drop on Tilray ($13 > $8). We discuss this and the recent Canaccord price target drop on Hexo Corp. ($2 > $1) which leads the Canadian market in dry flower market share.

@16:48 Ben and Anthony’s bold prediction for U.S. cannabis in 2022.


@19:21 Key atai Life Sciences shareholders announced an extensive share lock-up and the stock price fell ~32%. Bear market doing bear market things. We discuss.

@20:38 The psychedelics industry is dominated by retail investors and this needs to change.

@23:42 If Big Pharma initiates partnerships with certain psychedelic companies, is this the green light to get investors excited again?

@26.15 Big trends for 2022.


@29:03 Nike and Adidas have entered the NFT space. Anthony’s perspective on Big Corp. entering Web 3.0

@31:35 A lot of the NFT community is apprehensive about Big Brands entering. Why?

@33:05 The early adopters are always vilified.

@35:48 What is a bold statement for the NFT market in 2022?

@36:39 Does crypto crash in 2022?

@38:55 Cryptocurrency are not currencies.

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