Trade To Black Podcast 18: MSOS Seeking A Momentum-Changing Catalyst in 2022

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales and Benjamin A. Smith take the mic along with Anthony Varrell, who returns to the program. We discuss whether the slow start in U.S. cannabis and psychedelics is a precursor of things to come, or whether federal regulation can help MSOS turn bearish momentum around. Anthony Varrell gives his usual expert opinion on the crypto and NFT markets—the latter of which has also seen tough times recently.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode 18 CliffsNotes…


@2:11 Not the start to 2022 that investors were looking for in AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (MSOS). We talk about some of the competing forces holding MSOS back to start the year.

@4:25 Whitney Tilson has high hopes for cannabis stocks in 2022. Part of the reason is that he thinks federal legislative action will take place. Is this the year we finally see legislative breakthrough?

@5:38 Something like an expungement Bill is probably needed before the market can believe that more encompassing legislation is on the horizon.

@7:06 Are we going to see more selloff in advance on an expungement-type Bill, which is expected to be tabled in Q1 or Q2?

@8:59 Tilray releases Q2 2022 financial results on Monday. Plenty of price target cuts in advance. We comment.

@13:28 Curaleaf Holdings bought Bloom Dispensaries which operates in Arizona for $211 million. Do you like the acquisition or did Curaleaf overpay?

@14:56 As Tier-1 MSOS make acquisitions of smaller dispensary chains, is there anything investors should be aware of in these types of deals?

@17:23 The state of Michigan reported $1.63 billion dollars of cannabis sales for 2021. What do you make of TerrAscend Corp. Chairman Jason Wild purchasing shares ($4.5 million notional on behalf of JW Asset Management Funds in November-December 2021) with prospects of Gage Cannabis looking up in Michigan? AYR Wellness stock buyback also discussed.


@20:00 The psychedelic sector has been extremely week in 2021—and especially since COMPASS Pathways released mixed Phase 2b psilocybin (COMP 360) results. We discuss why that is.

@21:41 Anthony was surprised by how much CMPS has declined on a peripheral platform since he purchased.

@22:21 Material partnership between Mindset Pharma and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals was announced. Should we expect more such partnerships in the psychedelic space this year?


@24:15 Tough times in the crypto sector recently but the NFT market has remained solid. What are the factors for the decline? We discuss.

@26:05 Are you surprised that Bitcoin isn’t acting as a “safe haven” as some investors expect? what type of correlation is there between the crypto and NFT markets?

@27:45 Kevin O’Leary predicted that the NFT market would become bigger than Bitcoin. Do you agree Mr. Varrell? (must listen rant)

@31:35 Are you worried about the lack of regulatory framework behind the NFT market? The key is buying credible projects.

@32:45 Eminem and Snoop Dogg are rumored to be having a 3D performance related to NFTs. We discuss.

@34:05 A viral video shows how shopping at Walmart will be conducted in the Metaverse. We discuss.

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