Trade To Black Podcast 19: Cannabis, Kardashians, And Crypto

The Trade To Black Podcast is back, and the boys connect to discuss the latest happenings in the crypto, cannabis, and psychedelics investing spaces.

This episode opens with a dive into the current state of the cannabis landscape, a space where the markets have been particularly difficult to navigate.

Cannabis investors have closely monitored all developments related to the SAFE Banking Act, hoping that its passing would further legitimize the industry and boost its profitability.

Anthony Varrell makes the case for a way forward without SAFE.

“It’s a completely false notion that SAFE banking is everything to the cannabis industry. We got here without it, we’re moving forward without it. Would it be better if we had it? Sure. But it’s not hindering the fundamentals of the industry moving forward.”

With this statement, the conversation turns to the other factors currently hindering the industry’s growth potential and how they can be overcome.

Before moving on to other sectors, the team divulges some of their favorite brands in the cannabis investing space.

Shifting their focus to the psychedelic space, the team discusses Atai Life Sciences and their current dip in share value. With one host already heavily invested in the brand, opinions are offered up on the stock and if it remains a smart buy for psychedelic investors today.

Before closing out the episode, Varrell blesses us with another one of his infamous crypto rants, this time targeting Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather.

New coins are popping up daily and with millions of hopeful investors looking to profit by getting in early, scams and schemes are leaving many holding the bag when the bottom falls out.

So pop in your headphones, kick back, and join the Trade To Black hosts as they help you navigate these emerging industries.

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