Trade to Black Podcast: Tim Seymour Talks Cannabis Reform, ETF at Benzinga

On this Trade to Black, Shadd Dales continues coverage at the Benzinga conference in Michigan. Tim Seymour is a personality you may recognize from CNBC, and he also runs the Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (ARCX: CNBS). Seymour joins us on today’s podcast to talk about his involvement with Benzinga and the cannabis landscape’s future.

Here’s some highlights from the interview.

Cannabis battle between Canada and the US doesn’t exist, but has one exception

Seymour agrees that cannabis investors have certainly been shaped by their experiences to date, and that may be particularly true in Canada, where investors have made a lot of money fast – but have also lost it very fast. What he doesn’t agree with is the idea that there is a battle between the US and Canada. That said, he acknowledges there’s perception about the way Canadian markets federalized and allowed their companies to list in the US.

The market dynamics remind Seymour of investing in one particular country in 2003. Listen in @5:20 to hear the full segment.

CNBS and other cannabis ETF products impacted by legislation, says Seymour

CNBS is an active ETF, and as such, has been subject to decades-old legislation. Tune in @10:37 to hear Seymour explain how this legislation shaped early cannabis ETFs, especially where foreign markets were concerned.

Over the next several minutes, Seymour goes on to outline the potential of the European markets, and what stocks he’s looking at holding. Separation is developing between some of the MSOs, especially in the last six months. A handful of companies are rising to the top. Seymour explains who has the potential to really grow their margins, particularly in the next six months.

SAFE banking remains a hot topic, but Seymour has a strategy if there’s no regulatory change

With about two months until the midterms, SAFE banking is as hot a topic as ever. Does Seymour think that there’ll be a regulatory change by then? Probably not. If you listen in @19:20, he’ll explain why he’s not betting on it, and why other investors shouldn’t either.

Should cannabis investors change their expectations, as Seymour says? This and more when you listen to the full podcast right here on The Dales Report! Be sure to like and subscribe so that you never miss an episode.

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