‘Whiz’ Buckley Shares Perspective On Trading, Veteran Suicide

Every day, between 22 and 44 veterans take their own lives by suicide or other means, says Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley. “That’s a shooting. A mass shooting every day in the veteran community.” Worse, the lag time on data for veteran suicide can be as long as three years. When these numbers were probed by two universities, they discovered that the government was only counting violent suicides. “It turns out when they talk to family and friends, they’re like, no, no, no, that guy drank himself to death or she overdosed. She was a drug addict because of her service.”

Today, Whiz Buckley, Chairman of the No Fallen Heroes Foundation, and CEO of Top Gun Options rejoins the discussion at the Trade To Black podcast. We last spoke with Whiz Buckley in August following the news that an FAA investigation discovered that some pilots were falsifying their medical records to be able to stay in the cockpit. In this episode, we explore his efforts to combat veteran suicide through his foundation. He also shares his strategic approach to options trading on Wall Street that has attracted a large following of investors.

In his interview, Whiz Buckley shares some of the issues and stories regarding his advocacy efforts in Washington and beyond. As a strong proponent of psychedelic-assisted therapy for veterans and first responders, Whiz admits that he finds it ‘frustrating’ to talk to some of the Republicans at Capitol Hill. Not only do they have difficulty looking past the current spending divisions of tax dollars as ‘different pots of money,’ they echo many of the old refrains: ‘Drugs are bad,’ ‘just say no,’ ‘isn’t there stuff that’s recreational like weed and stuff like that?’

Whiz brought his ‘fighter pilot mentality’ to wall street and believes it has been instrumental in his success. Find out how this and his experience with psychedelics has made him a force to be reckoned with.

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