Why Cybin Could See Greater Opportunities After MAPS 2023

We’ve been enjoying our time on location at the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference, and in our latest Trade to Black we are back with Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale. Drysdale was on our podcast earlier this month discussing the $30m agreement between Cybin and Lincoln Park Capital Fund LLC.

This time, we meet to discuss their takeaways from the MAPS Conference, some of the psychedelic treatments seen in healthcare conferences, and the latest updates on their CYB003 and CYB004 trials. 003 is a proprietary molecule derived from psilocybin; a deuterated psilocybin analogue designed to achieve a fast onset and short duration at low doses. 004 is based on DMT and is designed to have a greater bioavailability and pharmacokinetic profile compared to the original.

Cybin’s mission believes in integrated therapy. So, we’ll be diving deeper into the ongoing compound trials, their developments and potential therapeutic applications. The transformative impacts of these advancements to mental healthcare could be huge.

Will Big Pharma be set to sponsor the succeeding phase 3 trials? Drysdale says Cybin plans to be entering into phase 3 with a number of the molecules by 2024. He also mentioned in our last TDR exclusive that he believed the catalyst would be finding the right molecule in developing psychedelic-assisted treatments. That will be the turning point of both companies and investors.

We discuss investor awareness in psychedelic EFTs, and how Cybin (NYSEAMERICAN: CYBN) tends to get a bump in the market every time there’s positive news in the psychedelic space. Despite the general performance of psychedelic companies in the stock market over the last two years, there’s still an immense potential.

Given the positive data and possible approval of DMT treatments in 6-8 months, what more can we anticipate in the psychedelic space? How does Cybin’s research differ from Compass’ efforts in improving the healthcare landscape, and where will Cybin go from here after the MAPS Conference?

Here’s the latest.


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