American Aires Inc.— The Only Public Company Focused Exclusively On EMF Protection

In a world where 5G networks are sprouting up like mushrooms and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is embedded everywhere, electromagnetic magnetic frequency protection—or EMF protection for short—is becoming a focus issue for consumers. Naked to the eye and imperceptive to the body, its deleterious effects accumulate over time. With the number of IoT devices expected to reach almost 31 billion by 2025—and with the proliferation of satellites beaming high-intensity 5G signals from above—living beings are continuously being bombarded with EMF 24/7. There is no stopping technological advancements—only clever innovations that can counteract the insidious repercussions.

Source: Statista

Enter American Aires Inc., which has developed innovative technology solutions that restructure and transform electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form. With patented technology adapted from military applications of yesteryear, over $20 million has been invested on EMF protection research to create consumer products that not only allow the technology to work, but filter out the harmful EMF byproduct. The company boasts that its solutions are the only proven anti-EMR (which stands for electro magnetic radiation, the company’s acronym of choice) on the market today.

Unlike most anti-EMR “solutions” that involve simple minerals or crystals mined from the earth, American Aires technology-based products actually have scientific and peer-reviewed research to back it up. The company also owns eleven (11) patents on the technology with fourteen (14) more patents pending, which helps protect their intellectual property from competitor replication. Another eighteen (18) registered trademarks help safeguard their industry-leading brands, such as their popular Lifetune product suite.

Commenting on the company’s success—which includes 130% increase in revenue year-over-year according to their latest Corporate Update—CEO Dimitry Serov explains the major product differentiator that separates American Aires’ EMR from the pack:

We are the only company as far as I’m aware of that has a technology-based product. Where all other companies out there—and I mean, you know, 99% of them—I haven’t seen any other that is (inaudible) they are all minerals-based elements. These are all holistic, homeopathic solutions. They mainly selling you mineral-based elements—let’s call it a Tourmaline crystal—that may indeed work. But they cannot go and take the company, and they’re never going to pass regulations and they cannot prove that the product is work(ing). There is no research, there is no scientific data, there is no—anything in terms of science behind this product.

Dimitry Serov also provides great insight into the company’s future business prospects in the OEM market, as the dangers of EMR radiation become better understood over time. He compares the present situation to that of the automobile at the turn of the 20th century. That is, when there weren’t many cars on the road, exhaust pollution from hydrocarbon combustion was not considered a problem.

As technology advanced and a critical mass of automobiles clogged up the airways, a solution to control pollution became necessary. Thus, catalytic converters were developed to comply with stricter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exhaust emission standards, and most gasoline-powered vehicles were mandated to be equipped with catalytic converters by 1975.

In time, Dimitry believes corporation involved in EMR-producing industries will be held to the same environmental protection standards. In other words, EMF protection will eventually become required to protect the citizenry.

Click on the embedded link for more of our newest interview with American Aires CEO Dimitry Serov, in his own words.

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