Bill Gates Says AI Will Take Learning For Motivated People To A ‘Whole New Level’

On Wednesday, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, expressed optimism about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education during an event in Lagos State, Nigeria.

What Happened: Gates hailed the potential of AI to revolutionize education, making learning more accessible and engaging for students and educators alike, Channels Television reports.

He emphasized that AI could simplify complex subjects, assist teachers, and create personalized sets of questions for students.

“Now, with AI, it’s even better,” Gates said. “We can help teachers crack the homework automatically. We can create personalized sets of questions for students. But when it comes to that motivation, when kids get discouraged or confused, we’ll try and do some of that with the AI,” he added.

Bill Gates said artificial intelligence has taken the availability of education tools for motivated people to “a whole new level.”

Gates’ comments align with his previous statements on AI’s potential to transform various sectors.

In an open letter published on his personal website, Gates outlined his vision for the future of AI, highlighting its potential to revolutionize education by delivering personalized content to students and identifying their individual motivations for learning.

He also predicted that the next big thing in AI could come from an unknown startup, suggesting that the future leading company in AI will have created a personal digital agent that can perform specific tasks for people.

However, Bill Gates’ optimism about AI’s potential is not without reservations. He has clashed with other tech leaders like Elon Musk over the understanding and implementation of AI, and he has expressed concerns about the potential risks of AI. Despite these concerns, Gates’ recent comments underscore his belief in the transformative potential of AI, particularly in the field of education.

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