Canadian Cannabis Coming To USA – Will It Thrive?

During the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, we had the opportunity to chat with many big names in the space about the future of canna. Shadd Dales sat down with a panel of experts to discuss international business expansion in the world of canna. Canadian cannabis companies are making their way across the border. What’s evolving in cannabis investment here in North America? You won’t want to miss this episode of Trade To Black.

Are these Canadian cannabis companies going to be able to make a mark south of the border? There are names that we recognize capitalizing on some real growth opportunities. Facing misperceptions head-on, we have a look at whether these companies are poised to not only survive but thrive.

We look at the market potential of a state that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention when we talk about cannabis: Texas. Will industry trends make a great market out of this state?

We talk about the strategies and lessons learned from industry experts who have successfully adapted to new regulations and market trends in various states and Canada both. There are more than a few hurdles for a company moving into the market, from branding and consumer experience to the challenges of scaling. Our panelists share invaluable insights on the events in the canna industry that are actively shaping the future of the space.

Find out how Canadian firms are leveraging their experience to thrive internationally in the US and explore the potential for investors in this rapidly expanding sector. What competition are they likely to face, and what sort of misconceptions is marketing going to have to overcome?

Don’t miss this exclusive discussion on the evolving canna industry and the exciting opportunities it holds both sides of the border!

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