CWENCH Hydration: Cizzle Brands’ New Sports Drink Endorsed by Top Athletes

The TDR Three Key Takeaways regarding CWENCH Hydration and Cizzle Brands:

  1. Athletes Nathan MacKinnon, Andrew Wiggins, and Adriana Leon endorse CWENCH Hydration.
  2. Strength coach Andy O’Brien highlights CWENCH Hydration’s scientific formulation.
  3. CWENCH Hydration set to launch in major Canadian retailers.

Cizzle Brands has launched a new sports hydration drink called CWENCH Hydration, partnering with athletes Nathan MacKinnon, Andrew Wiggins, and Adriana Leon. CWENCH Hydration is a result of collaboration among world-class athletes, elite trainers, and the Cizzle Brands team. 

Nathan MacKinnon, an NHL star and Stanley Cup champion, Andrew Wiggins, an NBA champion, and Adriana Leon, a soccer player, lend their expertise to this venture, ensuring CWENCH meets the highest standards of athletic performance.

John Celenza, Cizzle Brands’ Founder and CEO, said “CWENCH Hydration is the result of extensive collaboration amongst world-class athletes, elite trainers and our Cizzle Brands team,”. He added in his press release “When we approached Andy to develop CWENCH, we gave him an open canvas to create something that not only truly aids in hydrating your body for better performance, but is also something we feel good giving to our families.”

The drink is designed with the latest science in mind. Andy O’Brien, a strength coach with 25 years of experience, emphasized the importance of hydration in athletic performance. He stated, “With CWENCH, we’ve built on the latest science in hydration to develop a product that meets the needs of the world’s most elite athletes, with the highest quality ingredients and no compromises. It’s also a perfect product for people simply looking for the right drink to support a healthy, active life.”

Professional athletes Nathan MacKinnon, Andrew Wiggins, and Adriana Leon have all endorsed drink. MacKinnon shared his enthusiasm, “I’m excited to partner with CWENCH Hydration and share a product that truly supports my performance and recovery.”

In the competitive market of sports drinks, it stands out by leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals and athletes. The backing of Nathan MacKinnon, Andrew Wiggins, and Adriana Leon gives the product significant credibility and visibility. 

CWENCH Hydration is formulated from all-natural ingredients, featuring a blend of seven essential electrolytes, no added sugar, and fewer than 10 calories per serving. The drink is available online and will soon be launched in major Canadian retailers.The drink comes in four flavors and is designed to support optimal hydration and performance for athletes and active individuals. Want to be updated on all things Psychedelic, Cannabis, AI, and Crypto? Subscribe to our Daily Baked in Newsletter!

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