Guaranteed Money #72: Will Ontario Ever See a Brick and Mortar Sports Book?

Host Ryan Doyle of Guaranteed Money sits down with Ray Pineault, the president and CEO of Mohegan, the first land-based operator to be licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission in Ontario. Together they’re going to tackle the important question: when will Ontario see a sports book of its own?

Mohegan, formerly known as Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, just recently went through a small rebrand, but Ray says this change is long overdue. About 30% of people had been getting their name completely wrong. Putting their strongest name forward speaks to the traditions of their operations.

But unlike many companies that Ryan talks to, Mohegan has brick and mortar properties. There’s no doubt that Mohegan is interested in the digital space, but Ray believes it’s important to engage their guests in multiple platforms across the organization. He says that Mohegan is seeing a benefit not only to online gaming, which is performing well, it’s enhancing the brick and mortar operation in Oregon and other areas where they’re running both.

Those who have experienced both the online-only and the brick and mortar sports book know that it’s hard to beat the vibe and feel of betting in-person. There’s a whole experience involved, including the ability to be entertained, dine and shop.

Well, Mohegan’s working on trying to make the Ontario sports book happen, and it’s been a process in the work for some time. Will you be excited to check out their sports book once they open? Or do you have ‘bet’ of your own when all the regulatory hurdles will finally be done? Be sure to hop on over to the comments section after you listen and let us know. We always love hearing from our fans, and it helps our show grow.

Ray’s also got a multibillion dollar project underway in Korea which is a great opportunity, and there’s speculation about the inevitability of consolidation, so don’t miss out on the full episode. This and more on this episode of Guaranteed Money!

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