Nyquvest On Why Numinus Made This $6m Strategic Move

We’re back to talking psychedelics on The Dales Report, and in today’s episode of TDR’s Trade To Black podcast, we’re joined by Payton Nyquvest, Founder and CEO of Numinus Wellness (OTCMKTS: NUMIF). Nyquvest is here to discuss the latest advancements in psychedelic-assisted therapy and Numinus’ recent $6m strategic move.

If you haven’t been keeping a finger on the pulse of psychedelics, there’s been some important movement behind the scenes. One of these more recent events is that the FDA has accepted Lykos Therapeutics’ application for MDMA assisted therapy for PTSD. This marks an extremely significant step in getting psychedelic therapies’ medical potential recognized. We’ll talk about the implications that extend to Numinus and the mental health industry at large.

Diving into Numinus’ funding success and strategic partnerships, Nyquvest shares details about their collaboration with Optimi Health Corp. This partnership is planning to enhance the development and delivery of psychedelic therapies.

In financial strategies, Numinus is employing to reduce its burn rate to zero. This is designed to ensure sustainability and growth. What does this mean for investors, and how is Numinus doing in meeting its goal? More details also on the recent closing of a $6m “bought deal” public offering of Numinus’ stock. This transaction involved the sale of 50,000,000 units at a price of $0.12 each.

We examine the importance of experiential training for therapists in psychedelic-assisted therapies, and what Numinus is doing to lead the charge and make this happen. We’ll also take a look at the  potential impact of Health Canada’s stance on psychedelic therapies following FDA approvals.

Tune in to hear Nyquvest’s vision for the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy and Numinus’ role in making these transformative treatments accessible to those in need. This episode provides a comprehensive look into the efforts and challenges of integrating psychedelic-assisted therapies into mainstream healthcare, showcasing Numinus Wellness Inc.’s pivotal role in this emerging field.

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