Taking Stock Of Nvidia, The Unstoppable Machine

On this episode of Trade To Black, we’re taking a look at something just a little outside out usual interests, though it has a big influence on crypto. We’re looking at Nvidia stock, the chip and graphics card maker that might just be the hottest thing of 2023. We’ve also taken a look at the Republican debate and have a quick recap of that.

Their earnings report having just dropped, once again we can see that Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has exceeded expectations, leaving market analysts astounded. Nvidia outperformed their anticipated revenues of $11.04B to earn a whopping $13.51B, and adjusted earnings per share came in at $2.70, which was well over the anticipated $2.07. The company’s data center revenue also surpassed all expectations by over $2B, as only $7.98B was expected, and the revenue actually reached $10.32B. Even gaming revenue exceeded expectations, though that was a much smaller anticipated $2.38B. Their actual gaming revenue arrived at $2.94B.

How is Nvidia leaving all expectations in the dust? We’ve got a few thoughts on why they’re so incredibly successful right now. TDR lead financial water Benjamin A. Smith describes these earnings as “an absolute blowout,” and he’ll explain why. The company recently announced a $25B stock buyback, so any investors are currently shorting the stock, they may want to take note that the company’s not slowing down.

Dipping into politics, we talk about the winner of the Republican debate and look at the possibility of a 9th GOP senator co-sponsoring the beleaguered SAFE Banking Act bill. Does this actually increase the bill’s chances of passing, or is it just lip service? We’ll share our thoughts.

Lastly, we’ll touch base on psychedelics, the MAPS MDMA readouts, and what investors might be attracted to the companies in the psychedelics industry if the readouts look favorable. We’ll also give a detailed analysis of Payton Nyquvest’s interview from a few days ago.

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