Tesla In ‘Between Two Major Growth Waves,’ Warns Investors Of An ‘Intermediate Low-Growth Period’

Automaker Tesla Inc. TSLA cautioned its investors that it is currently in an “intermediate low-growth period,” potentially impacting its aimed-for growth rate of 50%.

What Happened: Investor Gary Black reported the new comments from Tesla’s investor relations, who also cautioned bulls to reduce their expectations that the EV giant can grow at over 50% rate per year.

Tesla’s investor relations head, Martin Viecha, later clarified the comments, saying the company is “between two major growth waves,” reported Electrek.

The first wave was led by the 3/Y platform since 2017, and the next will be driven by the forthcoming next-gen vehicle, Viecha said.

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Why It Matters: In the past, Tesla has grown exponentially, morphing from a humble EV startup to the world’s most valuable automaker with a capacity to produce 2 million new electric vehicles annually. This bold growth propelled investors to take the company’s ambitious growth targets seriously.

However, Tesla appears to be treading water with its current vehicle lineup. The Cybertruck, with its planned capacity of 250,000 units, is unlikely to significantly boost this growth.

The company’s long-standing aim has been to achieve an annual production capacity of 20 million vehicles by 2030. But the company’s next-generation vehicles, especially the cheaper “$25,000 Tesla,” are crucial to return to significant growth.

The timeframe for the arrival of these next-gen vehicles remains unclear. Production lines are currently being developed at Gigafactory Texas, but they may still be years in the making. As a result, Tesla’s ‘intermediate low-growth period’ could extend for a few years.

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