The Performance of Pelorus After SAFE’s Delay

Rob Sechrist has been on Trade To Black a number of times, and we’re always happy to have him here. Today, Rob Sechrist joins us to talk about Pelorus Capital Group from his perspective as President and Co-Manager, particularly in light of SAFE Banking’s issues on Capitol Hill. Pelorus Capital Group is a specialist provider of real estate debt financing solutions, specifically for companies in the cannabis space.

Sechrist shares details with us about Pelorus’ latest fund performance based on their mid-year finance report and goes into detail about what investors and clients will be able to anticipate for the rest of this year.

How is the latest news on SAFE Banking’s delay going to impact Pelorus Capital Group’s performance? We’ll do some speculation. If you haven’t heard, lobbyists in the cannabis space have confirmed late last week that it most likely won’t get the markup vote , that they’ll be in recess before any decision is made on SAFE, and it’ll be fall at the earliest before we see any more movement from the Senate—if we see it at all.

Sechrist gave us an outlook on Pelorus Capital Group in a previous podcast, and it’ll be interesting to see how it will compare in light of what’s going on in Senate. Investors and other equities in the space are likely to feel a similar ripple in their modeling and expectations. We’ll discuss what some of the major fallout is likely to be.

After correcting the outlook, also on our agenda for discussing in this podcast: the effects of TSX listing, the potential of listing on major US Stock Exchanges, doing one’s education and due diligence, and the upcoming Capital Raising Titan event.

What does Sechrist have to say about it all? You’ll have to tune in to the full episode to find out right here on The Dales Report.


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