An Analysis Of TerrAscend’s Q2 Earnings

We’re looking at Q2 financial earnings on this episode of Trade to Black, as TerrAscend has had some exciting figures to share. Millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell, host Shadd Dales, and lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith put their heads together to discuss the latest from TerrAscend, plus more recent news from Cresco Labs and Cybin.

TerrAscend (TSX: TSND) (OTCMKTS: TSNDF) is a cannabis company has 38 operating dispensaries. They also made some headlines earlier this summer when they listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Q2 earnings report that followed was looking so good that they pre-announced it. Net revenue is forecasted to reach $72.1m, and the gross profit margin is expected to rise to about 50.2% compared to 48.8% in Q1.

Is this a good sign the cannabis industry is getting back on track? Or is this hike influenced by being listed in the TSX? We don’t think it’s just the TSX. TerrAscend’s been a darling in the space and has showed over seven sequential quarters of growth. Part of this, no doubt, owes to their operational efficiency. Hear all the figures and our thoughts when you tune into this episode.

Also big in the news right now: Cresco Labs announced the termination of the $2b merger deal with Columbia Care. What on earth happened? Was this an inevitable decision due to delays in cannabis legislation? We’ll dig into that and speculate on what went sour in the deal and what might be next for Cresco Labs.

We’ll also take a brief look at other newsworthy happenings. Coinbase has been deemed not a security. Is the SEC well and truly thwarted? In the world of psychedelics, Cybin recently announced its public offering at a discounted share price for common shares at 40 cents for 5 years. What’s in it for investors and shareholders, and how does this strategy work? And football season is coming – which of course means betting season. We’re keeping an eye on those NFL updates.

Here’s the latest.


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