BevCanna Enterprises CEO Melise Panetta: Our Funnel Is Full

When it comes to voluminous amounts of material news being disseminated in the cannabis sector, BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CNSX:BEV, OTCMKTS:BVNNF) is as active as anyone right now. With its agreement to further expand distribution of TRACE products through U.S. independent and national retailers, BevCanna has produced yet another important milestone achievement in its quest to expand its burgeoning wellness beverage product line to the U.S. and international markets.

This latest agreement with sales management firm Benefit Holdings LLC will see the sales management firm sell BevCanna’s TRACE line of merchandise to a diverse variety of U.S. retailers, ranging from local natural and niche outlets to national big box supermarkets—initially in New York, Chicago, and California. The new alliance, to be implemented by BevCanna’s previously announced deal with leading U.S. water bottler Riviera Beverages, will accelerate the Naturo Group range of industry-leading ancient organic mineral beverages under the TRACE brand’s penetration into the U.S. market.

In response to this and the multitude of recent material announcements produced by BevCanna Enterprises, we invited company CEO Melise Panneta back to the interview’s chair to give her assessment. Since the company’s transformative hiring of the former PepsiCo executive in March, Mrs. Panetta has wasted no time assembling the proper team and forming the right partnership to expand BevCanna’s distribution funnel, which she describes as “full”:

Funnel is still very full—very, very full—on the cannabis side. Like you said, we just signed our third client, so St. Peters drinks out of the UK. They have a brand called Green Monkey, it’s the number one beverage in 2019 in the UK for cannabis-infused beverages. So we’re really happy to have earned their business, so that makes three on the cannabis side. And the funnel’s still really full, like you know, every day talking with folks. Whether it’s an initial scoping meeting, or we’re having final negotiations on the contract, we’re getting really close on a couple—but I obviously can’t disclose that at this point.

An excellent update on the many moving parts coming together for the company right now. Click on the embedded link for more of our new interview with BevCanna Enterprises CEO Melise Panetta, in her own words.

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