Cannabis Q2 Earnings Reports Are Here

It’s that time of year: cannabis Q2 Earnings are coming fast and thick, and we’ve been doing a lot of report reading. This latest Trade To Black podcast we’re diving into the second quarter earnings reports of the major companies in the cannabis space. There’ll be a lot more of the same coming in future podcasts, so be sure to like, subscribe, and tune into notifications to keep up with the latest.

Host Shadd Dales, millennial investor Anthony Varrell, and lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith are putting their heads together to talk about the Q2 cannabis earnings reports. If you’re looking for alternative investments, you may want to listen in.

Canopy (TSE: WEED) stock price has definitely seen better days. But how is the company itself doing? The guys examine Canopy Growth’s cash position, especially compared to Cronos (NASDAQ: CRON). Cronos missed their Street forecasts, but still posted revenue of $19m. What other things of note did we find in their financial reports? We’ll do a bit of a dive into it.

There’s been a lot of anticipation with regards to general cannabis company performance after TerrAscend’s listing on the TSX. A lot of people were hoping that some of these ‘cannabis milestones’ might translate into stock performance and industry growth. What was the actual impact, however? Is the grass growing greener for cannabis investors?

We’ll take a look at what we expect from other financial reports coming down the pipe and how investors can look at the industry as a whole as we analyze the performance of these leading cannabis companies. For investors who are split trying to decide between cannabis and crypto, we’ll take a look at pros and cons.

Why crypto at all? Well, it’s been back in the news with Paypal’s recent interest in crypto integration backed by the US dollar. What does that mean, and will stablecoins go mainstream? Is a Central Bank Digital Currency the inevitable future of finance? Here’s the latest.

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