Cannabis Stock Earnings Primer – May 7th to 9th 2024

The TDR Three Key Takeaways regarding US Cannabis Stocks and REITs earnings:

  1. We outline the schedule for upcoming cannabis stock earnings reports and conference calls.
  2. For cannabis stock earnings, we will focus on revenue, debt, cash, and gross margin changes over the last quarter and year. 
  3. Join the TDR Live Streams to get Anthony and Shadd’s take on the cannabis stock earning reports.

We will have an extremely busy rest of the week with cannabis stock earnings reports for US cannabis-focused companies and REITS. Here, we share a guide of who is reporting, when, what we are looking at and keeping track of, and why. 

First, we are going to share with our readers who are reporting when the release comes out and then when and how investors can join the conference calls:

CompanyUS TickerEarnings DateEarnings TimeConference Call DateConference Call TimeConference Call Link
Ascend WellnessAAWHMay 7thPre MarketMay 7th8:30 ESTLink
Chicago AtlanticREFIMay 7thPre MarketMay 7th9:00 ESTLink
VeranoVRNOFMay 8thPre MarketMay 8th8:30 ESTLink
Village FarmsVFFMay 8thPre MarketMay 8th8:30 ESTLink
Green ThumbGTBIFMay 8thPost MarketMay 8th17:00 ESTLink
IIPRIIPRMay 8thPost MarketMay 9th13:00 ESTLink
MariMedMRMDMay 8thPost MarketMay 9th8:00 ESTLink
The CannabistCBSTFMay 9thPre MarketMay 9th8:00 ESTLink
TrulieveTCNNFMay 9thPre MarketMay 9th8:30 ESTLink
SNDLSNDLMay 9thPre MarketMay 9th10:30 ESTLink
NewLakeNCLPMay 9thPre MarketMay 9th11:00 ESTLink
CuraleafCURLFMay 9thPost MarketMay 9th5:00 ESTLink
TerrAscendTSNDFMay 9thPost MarketMay 9th17:00 ESTLink
JushiJUSHFMay 9thPost MarketMay 9th16:30 ESTLink

Here is our plan for analyzing each company’s earnings and reporting to our followers. 

We have an extra TDR Trade to Black Live Stream booked and live shows on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Anthony and Shadd will break down each company’s earnings report.

We will write an editorial summarizing our findings on the company’s earnings. We have chosen to focus on the following key metrics for Cannabis Stock Earnings:

  1. Reviewing the last twelve months, revenue growth quarter over quarter and year over year. Revenue growth is an essential metric for investors because it provides insights into a company’s operational efficiency and the market demand for its products or services. Consistent, strong revenue growth suggests a company’s potential for sustainable expansion and profitability, serving as a critical factor in investment decisions for Cannabis Stock Earnings.
  2. We will examine the company’s cash balances to determine its liquidity position. Examining a company’s cash balances is crucial as it shows its ability to cover short-term liabilities and invest in opportunities without relying heavily on external financing. A strong cash position indicates a company’s good financial health and operational stability.
  3. We will then consider the company’s debt levels to see if they have increased over the last quarter or twelve months. Analyzing changes in a company’s debt levels is crucial because it provides insights into its financial strategy and risk profile. Decreased debt indicates improved financial health and prudent management, enhancing investor confidence. Conversely, increasing debt levels may signal higher financial risk, potentially impacting investor perception and the company’s valuation.
  4. We will then focus on Gross Margin Profit and whether it is growing or declining, looking back quarter by quarter and one year. Focusing on Gross Margin Profit is vital because it reflects the financial health of a company’s core business without the influence of administrative costs or taxes. An increasing gross margin indicates better cost control and potentially higher profitability, which can be a positive signal to investors. Conversely, a declining gross margin might suggest rising costs or pricing pressures, which could concern future earnings.

In addition to formal editorial, ensure you catch Anthony and Shadd’s take live on the TDR Trade to Black Podcast. We will also start rolling out formal research reports on US Cannabis companies. Let us know which companies you would like to see first. 

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