Do Stocks In ETF MSOS Have Potential To ‘Go Through The Roof’?

On the “Cannabis Exclusive Podcast” today we interview Dan S. Ahrens, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of AdvisorShares. We’ll be focusing on some of the exciting happenings recently in the market and the holdings in AdvisorShares’ Pure US Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA: MSOS). If you tried to tune in to the live streamed podcast, we had some technical difficulties. So this is take two.

To reiterate, Friday was a bit of an interesting market day, especially for cannabis industries.  Dan’s company offers actively managed thematic ETFs in several different industries, but we’ll be a deep dive look into MSOS. Last week, AdvisorShares’  Pure US Cannabis ETF MSOS showed some increasingly strong volume and some decent trading figures. 

As Dan S. Ahrens is the portfolio manager of MSOS, we’re thrilled to welcome him to the show and pick his brain about what he might see happening in 2024 that might be of interest to cannabis investors. It could be a pretty amazing year for cannabis companies if some of these developments begin to pan out; we’ll have to wait and see. 

Dan has many valuable insights in the cannabis industry and its recent developments in addition to his expertise in the market. We’ll cover many of the topics that we had difficulty with before including some of the expansion plans of some of the more prominent cannabis companies, insights into institutional involvement in cannabis investments, and what some of their strategies ahead of a potential rescheduling announcement could be.

What will these trends and growth plans do to impact MSOS? You’ll hear some of our speculations in this informative and engaging conversation with one of the industry’s leading experts. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a unique investor perspective on this dynamic sector. Tune in for this interview with Dan S. Ahrens, right here on The Dales Report!

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