Don Murphy On Cannabis Updates, New Hampshire

This episode of the Trade To Black podcast features a guest interview from none other than Don Murphy. Our distinguished guest, Don Murphy is well known in Washington DC as a major cannabis lobbyist, regularly present on the Capitol steps, and one of the names involved with SAFE Banking. Don will be sharing events of his recent trip to New Hampshire in his interview, and other updates on cannabis.

The last time we spoke with Don a few weeks ago, he was preparing to head out to NH for the presidential primary. That was apparently as interesting trip, as there were two incumbents and few political challengers. He shares some of his thoughts on the race and who might be in favor of cannabis legislation.

Everyone is wondering about the possibility of cannabis becoming a Schedule III substance. Don Murphy says he is at the point now where he does believe cannabis rescheduling will eventually happen. It’s great news to hear that he believes it’s a matter more of “not if, but when,” but the when could still be some time in coming. It still seems to be true, he admits, that “nobody wants to own marijuana policy reforms. Even the Democrats.” Tune in to hear his thoughts on why he believes this is.

There’s been some speculation by Don Murphy on X as to what he believes some of the timelines for rescheduling could be. Co-host Anthony Varrell asks him to explain some of his reasoning, and you’ll hear all this and more when you listen to the full podcast, right here on The Dales Report.

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