Friday’s Cannabis News For The January 29th Market Open

Welcome back to the Trade To Black Podcast. We’re your go-to source for the latest insights across Cannabis, psychedelics, crypto, AI, and Technology. It’s been a great week in the market. We’ll be bringing in a full chart to have a look at before we kick off cannabis trading on the week of January 29th. Today we’ve also got news out of Washington. Tune in to hear the full details.

Hopping Into The Wire: Cannabis lobbyist Don Murphy has been tweeting quite a bit the last while about SAFE Banking and a timeline regarding rescheduling. Don Murphy denies the existence of an active joint committee and discusses potential S3 dates. Congressman Derrick Van Orden from Wisconsin, a retired military veteran, just became the 98th cosponsor for the SAFE Banking bill. Anthony Varrell says there’s no more ambiguity for Chuck Schumer. People want this bill. Here’s what we think might happen next.

What is Planet 13 up to in Florida? We spoke with them in December and enjoyed their Las Vegas experience, which was one for the ages. Their 112,000 sqft building in Las Vegas is the Largest dispensary in the world. In December they were describing the state of Florida as “hopeful target terrain.” They had purchased a license in Florida from Truelieve back in 2021 and then deployed no capex. Then about six months ago, they announced the acquisition of VidaCann. That license that they bought from Truelieve for $55m is being sold for a lot less. Anthony explains what’s going on.

Last up on Into The Wire: Verano Holdings Corporation announced the grand opening of Zen Leaf Abington on January 26th. It is one of 17 affiliated dispensaries in the state of Pennsylvania, and now Verano’s largest dispensary in the state. Zen Leaf Abington features an enhanced patient experience and a wide range of cannabis therapeutics. We’ll tell you all about what you need to know in last week’s cannabis news for the opening bell on January 29th when you tune in to this episode of Trade To Black!

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