Trade To Black Explores Planet 13 Las Vegas’ Experience

We’re still on the road, taking the Trade To Black Podcast on location at some amazing facilities and getting an insider’s look at the workings that put some of these companies at the top of the chain. On today’s special episode, we welcome you to an immersive experience at Planet 13 Las Vegas.

This isn’t just an important destination in Las Vegas; at 112,000 sqft, Planet 13 Las Vegas is the largest dispensary in the world. It’s a must-visit destination, and 86% of the foot traffic Planet 13 Las Vegas sees belongs to tourists.

Since its opening in November 2018, Planet 13 has pushed forward by thriving outside the gaming corridor. And Planet 13 is about to get bigger. Planned expansions are on the horizon that feature a 3000 square foot consumption lounge and a remarkable 14,000 sqft canopy museum.

Anthony Varrell and Shadd Dales speak to Co-CEO and Planet 13 board member, Larry Scheffler. He reveals the considerations guiding their selection of locations. Part of the driving focus is on clean assets and vertical integration.

The state of Florida is emerging as a hopeful target terrain for Planet 13’s superstore model. This would bring promising premium strains that have been skillfully crafted and named “Planet 13” to emphasize brand quality and design.

Onto the world of regulations, Larry sheds light on his experience in Florida trying to prime the state for their expansion, including some of the hurdles they faced while securing licenses. Despite the challenges, the potential for industry growth in the state shines through as strongly as the sunshine.

Anthony Varrell explores the symbolic transformation of former alcohol distribution sites into an immersive experience. We’ll take a closer look at the evolving landscape of the industry, and delve into the significance of branding with Shadd Dales and Larry. Education takes center stage at Planet 13, with a strong dedication to budtender training.

Tune in to hear all about Planet 13 and their future expansion plans.

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