Insights On New York’s Booming Market From Jesse Channon

Despite the cold months, the cannabis situation in the state of New York seems to be getting hotter. Today we sit down with the Chief Commercial Officer of The Cannabist (CBOE: CBST OTC: CBSTF), Jesse Channon, and we’re having a frank discussion about the New York market’s landscape. This is one podcast you won’t want to miss.

Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell unpack some of the big developments in New York, where multiple MSOS are prepared to start adult-use businesses. This is following a key lawsuit settled last month that had left hundreds of dispensary openings in limbo.

Earlier this month, we did a tour of The Cannabist’s Brooklyn medicinal plant facility and discussed the potential of NY becoming a hub of natural remedies. Now, New York stands to potentially be the biggest adult-use cannabis market in the country, and we explore what happens next.

Jesse gives us his perspective on the New York cannabis market’s future. He shares a little bit about planned expansion in the state of New York, emphasizing brand development, consumer options, and the critical need for cost-effective, safe products for retail. We also touch on the colocation of medical and adult-use dispensaries.

What kinds of strategic adaptations are necessitated by this evolving landscape? Anthony and Shadd talk with Jesse about the market strategies in New York, and the supply chain dynamics. We’ll learn more from Jesse regarding critical aspects such as planned supply chain roles, the challenges of scaling production, and partnering with social equity operators within the state.

Safe and secure products are a top priority, followed by education for consumers. Learn about the potential growth and normalization of the industry projected over the coming years in this interview with Jesse Channon!


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