Jay O’Malley: Cannabis Will Reach Alcohol Level Of Marketing

One of the questions we hear a lot, especially as cannabis emerges more and more into the public eye, is whether we think Big Alcohol will ever get involved in the space. The short answer we think is yes. In this episode of TDR’s Trade To Black podcast, Jay O’Malley, MariMed’s VP of Marketing & Research Development, joins us. Together, we explore the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry and explore some of these big questions. Where is the industry going? Where will we end up. Find out when you tune in.

Jay O’Malley is no stranger to either marketing or alcohol. With 20 years of progressive experience as an executive in the beverage industry, Jay brings a wealth of that knowledge to the cannabis sector. We had Jay on the show about six months ago, and it was a great discussion about branding and cannabis marketing.

Since that time, Jay has discovered that there’s a huge group of people, he says, who are canna-curious and willing to get into the space. Or at least, they seem to want to know more, and that number is swelling.

Someday cannabis will be able to engage in marketing at the level alcohol brands are able to. Hopefully, that day is relatively soon. Either way, the moment a cannabis commercial makes its way to the Superbowl, Jay says he “will be happy. Because that means as an industry we have legitimately arrived. … It’s the pinnacle of marketing.”

You won’t want to miss this insightful interview with Jay O’Malley as we discuss the nuances of marketing in the cannabis industry. We’ll explore many of the key factors that MariMed considers when promoting its brands and the unique challenges they face.

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