Jesse Channon On The Cannabist Company’s Vision For 2024

Welcome to our latest TDR cannabis exclusive! In this episode, we dive deep into The Cannabist Company and the new leadership change with Jesse Channon. In case you missed the news earlier this month, Nicholas Vita announced his retirement, with David Hart stepping up to CEO, and Jesse Channon, formerly the Chief Commercial Officer, now moving up to President.

So, it’s been a bit of a busy month internally for The Cannabist Company. We’re thrilled to have Jesse Channon with us as he discusses their vision and strategy for the future. The organization has prided itself on having a good company culture, and he’ll explain a little bit about why that is so important for them.

Looking ahead, we’ll discuss the potential impact of the highly anticipated rescheduling of cannabis from Schedule I to III. Hopefully we see some movement on that this year; it could be a game changer not just for The Cannabist Company, but for most businesses in the industry.

Jesse chats with us about the role of creativity in building the company’s brands and lifestyle. The Cannabist Company produces products for its own label and also some for their partners. Jesse says that these partnerships are just part of who they are, and he’ll explain why.

Join host Shadd Dales and millennial investor Anthony Varrell as they chat about The Cannabist Company’s wholesale business and why they’ve continued to place such a high importance on transparency and product safety. As they make plans to streamline operations for a transformative 2024 and beyond, you’ll get more perspective on the strategies The Cannabist Company is hoping to put into place to come out on top.

Join us for an insightful conversation on the exciting trends and opportunities in the cannabis industry, not to mention an insider’s view on The Cannabist Company itself from Jesse Channon!


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