Jesse Redmond Talks Cannabis And Politics With TDR

In this The Dales Report Canna Exclusive, Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell are in Chicago at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. They’re joined on the podcast by Jesse Redmond, Head of Cannabis at Water Tower Research.

Lots of exciting momentum is happening in the world of cannabis this week between the political sphere and the conference. The renamed SAFER Banking Act has finally passed a markup on the legislation in Congress, meaning more clarity and security to banks and financial institutions when it comes to serving state-legal cannabis businesses.

With SAFER having passed that major hurdle, Jesse, Shadd and Anthony talk the future of investment and banking in the canna industry. The long-term outlook looks pretty promising. Speaking of the future, we discuss the growth and catalysts that could have some major bearing on investors in the space.

Of course, even with SAFER in, there’s still a great deal to work out politically and economically. There are uncertainties surrounding the timeline for most canna companies to be listed on major exchanges, even though a few pioneers have started making headway. We also chat about the potential implications of federal rescheduling, such as excise taxes, and its influence on the industry’s trajectory.

The discussion also takes a closer look at the California market, highlighting the need for more cannabis stores and lower taxes to combat the persistent black market. Learn about the challenges faced by legacy operators and exceptional growers as they adapt to the legal system and strive for inclusivity.

The captivating intersection of the cannabis industry with politics is also a topic of discussion. Upcoming elections and shifting political dynamics may impact the industry, particularly in mobilizing younger voters.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape and opportunities that may lie ahead and prepare for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion as we unravel the future of investment, banking, and the ever-evolving cannabis industry. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Jesse Redmond that offers valuable insights for investors, industry professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

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