Nicholas Vita On The Cannabist And Evolving Paths

In this cannabis exclusive on The Dales Report, we welcome back our guest Nicholas Vita, the CEO of Cannabist. We think 2024 could be a monumental year for the cannabis industry. We’ll be looking at specific companies that are worth keeping an eye on. Be sure to subscribe to find out who we’re watching and why it should be important to you.

We last spoke with Nicholas in September about Cannabist Company Holdings Inc., it’s future, and how and why they metamorphized their brand from Columbia Care. Nicholas Vita shares his thoughts on the history and growth strategies employed in the cannabis industry, starting with an introduction to the company’s trading platforms.

Learn about the company’s strategic efforts, their approach to providing a personalized experience, and addressing the diverse needs of its clientele. You’ll learn how the industry caters to consumer preferences while also balancing the need to offer a consistent and reliable product and build branding around it.

Luck and timing have their parts to play. We’ll discuss how this has impacted Cannabist’s growth alongside the impact of recent federal government actions. We also touch on the potential $1-2 billion market and addresses the issue of states potentially taxing canna sales in response to federal prohibition.

Listen as Shadd, Anthony an Nicholas discuss the trajectory of the industry’s growth and the prospects of regulatory changes in cannabis. Incremental steps, we feel, are more probable than comprehensive transformations. Local control and industry expertise are driving factors. The importance of affiliating with a US exchange experienced in global capital markets is highlighted, with CBOE’s significant market share serving as an example.


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