Rational Conversations Create Markets: Bruce Linton, Advisor to Creso Pharma

Back in March, The Dales Report had a chance to speak with Bruce Linton, investment advisor to Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX:CPH, FRA:1X8). One of the topics covered in that interview was criticism about the company’s focus being on too many things. But if you have been following Creso’s news over the last few months, there are big moves in play. And Linton disagrees that that the diversity of projects Creso is involved with is a detriment. Joining us again in this episode, Bruce Linton talks to us more about Creso’s new foray into psychedelics, their focuses, and what he can see coming from his position as their advisor.

Here’s some highlights from the latest interview:

Halucenex Life Sciences Acquisition contingent on dealer’s license

For those who haven’t heard the news about Creso’s recent expansion into psychedelics, Creso will own 100% of the shares in Canadian company Halucinex Life Sciences if their Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License is approved within 12 months. Linton says that psychedelics are a big area with lots of opportunity, and the announcement has had a positive impact on Creso Pharma’s share price.

Linton believes Creso and others could find an opportunity to market recreational psychedelics one day

Legalization will be inevitable, Linton believes, in much the way that cannabis originally did. That is to say, first therapeutic use of psychedelics will become available by court judgement. When this happens, that means that Health Canada will become involved, and it will become a federally regulated substance.

Once that happens, he says, then “science can tell you what’s happening.” Whether or not psilocybin is open for recreational use, at least first they will start with legal, he says. And the path for that will be much quicker for psychedelics than it was for cannabis. As people begin to use for therapeutic reasons, the molecules will be demystified and stigmas will lessen, and then demand will grow. “Rational conversations,” Linton says, “create markets.”

Creso’s animal care line showed a transportable progression

When Creso put together their line of animal care products, Linton says, they “started with science, followed regulations, got validation, and could make claims.” That line of progression is very transportable, and he believes that Halucenex could follow the same sort of path. “The work they’re doing is meaningful,” Linton says. And he believes that if the company can answer questions such as how much, how often, how to show benefits for someone who, for example, has been in the military, the opportunities are there.

What Linton feels investors should know about Creso:

Creso’s goal now, he says, is to get their 21 products licensed and into stores. They obtained more cash, and they can start using that strength. It is important that a company is open to explore every opportunity, Linton says. “Everything’s always on the table.”

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