Recap of The Week Of September 11 In Stocks: What’s Next?

In this VOD of the latest Trade To Black Live Stream, we discuss the week in stocks of September 11, 2023 in full. We’ll talk about how the overall industries we typically cover performed, highlight announcements from the week, and what investors can anticipate regarding cannabis and psychedelics going into next week.

Kicking off the podcast, we look at the story NBC posted last week about Republicans softening their stance on Federal reform. There was a lot of early momentum in the market, but it seemed to give way to exhaustion as the day went on. This seems to be just a case of investor fatigue, and nothing to be overly concerned about. The headline itself is great, and it indicates some positive steps being taken in the right direction, but as Anthony Varrell says, “It’s time to get ink on paper.”

In performance highlights, Hydrofarms Holding Group was up over 20%, Aurora cannabis was up almost 15, and Verano and Trulieve were up about 6 and 5% respectively. Another company which we haven’t talked about much, Cansortium, was up about 20% in 850,000 shares in volume. Hear the whole list of companies we’re watching when you tune in.

We talk about some of the politics happening in DC and how the upcoming election may be changing priorities. The Senate Banking committee says it will mark up the SAFE Banking Act on Wednesday, September 27th. There should hopefully be a lot of momentum and buzz leading into that.

On the psychedelics side, we also talk about the MAPS announcement from Thursday. We covered the readouts a little bit with Payton Nyquvest, CEO of Numinus. But how did the market respond? Benjamin A. Smith confesses that the market’s response to the news has been a little bit bifurcated.

Catch up on the whole discussion of cannabis and psychedelic stocks from the week of September 11 with questions from fellow investors before the market opens again on Monday!

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