Sechrist and Gardner On The SAFER Banking Saga

We’re back with another Cannabis Exclusive. In this episode on The Dales Report, we sat down with both former US Senator Cory Gardner and President of Pelorus Equity Group, Rob Sechrist, at the Benzinga Cannbis Capital Conference in Chicago this past Wednesday. With an exclusive insight from both guests into the political workings of DC, we discuss the world of legislation and the potential impact it has on the emerging and ever-evolving canna industry.

The first and hottest topic of conversation, not unexpectedly, is SAFER Banking. The most recent version of the bill made a significant milestone in passing a markup vote last week by a 14-9 margin in the committee. This is the first real movement seen on the act since being introduced over a decade ago.

But SAFER Banking isn’t law yet. We discuss the potential roadblocks that could impact a crucial Senate vote. With committee members facing COVID-related absences and other challenges, it could still take time before a cannabis company becomes truly like any other business.

From committee votes to floor votes in both the House and Senate, we break down the steps required for a bill to pass. Follow insightful commentary on legislative process for a bill in US Congress.

As we delve deeper into the topic, we can’t ignore the fascinating intersection of cannabis legislation and political will. With SAFER Banking happening, and the HHS recommendation to the DEA that cannabis be rescheduled, one way or another, it looks as though change is coming.

How complicated does the change have to be? Well, the potential rescheduling of cannabis could impact the progress of the bill, possibly due to varying political motivations. Of course, we’ll discuss some of those political implications of legalization, too, with Sechrist and Gardner.

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