Sechrist Talks Cannabis, Cory Gardner And Steve Daines

We’re back with another Canna Exclusive. In this episode of The Dales Report, we’re joined by a very special guest – and one you’re probably familiar with if you tune in regularly – the President and Co-manager of Pelorus Equity Group, Rob Sechrist. As Rob is our specialist in all things Washington, DC, together, Rob Sechrist takes us on a dive into thought-provoking discussions about Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Steve Daines.

In the news, it’s been a tough time for Republicans trying to find a replacement for ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Washington politics, especially where they intersect cannabis, are still rippling from the effects of that stone tossed in the pond. So, future leadership is a topic not far from most people’s minds.

Sechrist believes that Senator Cory Gardner has an optimistic perspective, setting a good stage for possible rescheduling. We also touch on the intriguing prospect of John Thune possibly replacing Mitch McConnell as Senate leader, and the profound implications of a balanced federal budget.

Tune in for a chat about the potential shifts in policy and leadership that could have a profound impact on the canna industry. With this in mind, we explore the dynamics of investment and political strategy. There’s a keen focus on timing and strategic decisions.

Those seeking a clear path forward in the Senate are clearly passionate. There’s a belief that significant policy changes may become a reality under the Biden administration. Are big changes ahead? We discuss recent news about RFK Jr. going independent, hinting at the possibility of more shifts in future political landscapes.

Don’t miss this interview with Rob Sechrist on what’s happening in Washington and rescheduling with insights from Senator Cory Gardner.


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