TDR On Canopy Growth’s Earnings, ETF Closures

Welcome back! If you missed our earlier Friday livestreamed episode of Trade To Black, we’ll get you caught up before the market open. This podcast we will be taking a deep dive into the heart of cannabis industry dynamics. Earnings season has started once again, and we’ll discuss Canopy Growth’s earnings following their significant restructure, plus why are some ETFs thriving, and others are closing? Our The Wire segment brings you the latest on key developments. We’ll also be introducing Bill McNarland, TDR’s Head of Research, plus, don’t miss our special “Drop The Mic” session with GUAP.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, and GUAP kick off with some of the big headlines in cannabis we’ve seen this week as we get Into The Wire. The first of course is Canopy Growth, which just released their earnings report. They still had a loss for the quarter and a loss overall, however their margins are improving. David Klein, the CEO of Canopy, believes that this latest earnings report shows that they’re on the right path following the extensive changes they’ve made over the last 6 months. Do we agree? Hear our thoughts.

We incidentally also did another podcast with David Klein this morning, so if you’re interested in how Canopy is turning their business around, you might want to catch up on that one too.

Beyond Canopy’s report, we also check out the closure of multiple cannabis ETFs with a spotlight on the few that thrive like MSOS. Some of the many ETFs closing include The Poseidon Dynamic Cannabis ETF and the Horizons Marijuana Index ETF. Why is MSOS outperforming these and dominating the sector?

Lastly, Senator Ed Blumenauer’s pressing engagement with the DEA on cannabis rescheduling. Senator Ed Blumenauer has been demanding answers from the DEA on cannabis rescheduling, spotlighting ongoing political efforts to address cannabis regulation.

This and more from our Friday livestreamed Trade To Black!

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