The Cannabist Expansion to Four New States

The TDR Three Takeaways for The Cannabist’s Expansion:

  1. The cannabis expansion into four new East Coast markets provides strategic growth for The Cannabist Company.
  2. Partnership with Revelry Herb Co. provides an avenue for expansion.
  3. Positive customer feedback has motivated the executives of The Cannabist to continue growing partnerships.

The Cannabist Company is partnering with Revelry Herb Co. to expand into four new East Coast markets: Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. This partnership will offer a selection of cannabis strains and branded products, previously available only in Massachusetts and New Jersey, to new areas. The expansion is planned to start by mid-April, with a focus on Pennsylvania through The Cannabist Company’s three Columbia Care dispensaries and its extensive wholesale network. Jesse Channon, President of The Cannabist Company, spoke about the partnership’s achievements and the positive feedback from customers, highlighting the company’s role as a dependable partner in Revelry’s growth.

Revelry, known for its innovative, odor-proof luggage and accessories for cannabis users and outdoor enthusiasts, has seen positive responses in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Eric Hammond, President of Revelry, mentioned that this success is encouraging for further expansion, showing the effective collaboration between The Cannabist Company’s industry knowledge and Revelry’s dedication to improving the cannabis lifestyle. This joint effort not only represents growth for both companies but also supports their goal to connect with cannabis users in new regions, showing their passion for enhancing experiences with cannabis.

Previously known as Columbia Care, The Cannabist Company holds licenses in 15 jurisdictions and operates 124 facilities, including dispensaries and cultivation/manufacturing sites. Its rebranding and the launch of the Cannabist retail brand marks progress in offering a wide range of cannabis products and services to both medical and recreational markets. The company focuses on using proprietary technology platforms and producing well-known brands, aiming to lead in the changing cannabis industry. This extension into more East Coast markets is advantageous for both The Cannabist Company and Revelry.

To wrap up, the expansion into new markets through the partnership between The Cannabist Company and Revelry Herb Co. illustrates a strategic move that benefits both companies and their customer base, reinforcing their commitment to leading in the cannabis industry and enhancing consumer experiences. Want to keep up to date with all of TDR’s research and news, subscribe to our daily Baked In newsletter.

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