The Cannabist’s Jesse Channon On Cannabis Marketing

Today on The Dales Report, we are in for another Canna Exclusive. Last week, we spoke with Nicholas Vita, the CEO of Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. It was a great episode; be sure to catch it if you missed it. In this episode, we are sitting down with another member of the team: Jesse Channon, Chief Commercial Officer there at Cannabist. Our topics of conversation today with Jesse cover growth potential, branding, and the challenges involved in marketing cannabis.

Jesse has been with Cannabist for nearly four years now, and if he had to describe the cannabis industry in one word, it’d be ‘ridiculous.’ Granted, that’s not necessarily meant in a bad way; in some ways the industry is similar to the early days of the internet.

While he hasn’t been in the canna industry as long as some, Jesse brings a vast amount of digital marketing experience with some of the biggest brands in the world including Microsoft, Starbucks, and AT&T. As he started working early with social, on Facebook before it even had a newsfeed, even in those early days he could see the potential. It was going to change everything. In some ways, it’s felt that this industry is similar – poised to experience rapid adoption.

 Jesse explains the thought process behind the Cannabist’s rebrand from Columbia Care and how it aligns with potential integration with Cresco. We talk e-commerce, consumer engagement, and the importance of building internal solutions to address industry gaps. One such development is Forage, a robust recommendation engine.

We discuss the significance of bud tender education, enhancing consumer accessibility, and the challenges of scaling a multi-state canna brand while preserving legacy brands. Looking at US cannabis regulation, we delve into the critical aspects. There’s a need for a regulated market to ensure product quality and safety.

There is also a need for more thought leaders and subject matter experts in the canna industry, which could be a boon to digital marketing for products in it. Lastly, we touch on the hurdles of digital marketing specific to this industry and how product development plays an important part of brand experience.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating insider view into cannabis marketing with Jesse.


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