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Get a quick update on today’s TDR News! We’ve condensed the most important information about Cannabis, Psychedelics, Crypto and Miners, AI, Small Cap REITS and Large $$ Volume Mega Caps into a brief format, saving you time and keeping you informed as you start your day. 

Recap of Thursday

The TDR Comprehensive Cannabis Index decreased by 1.68% today. Diversification did not offer any benefits, as every single TDR Index experienced declines. However, a widespread downturn often sets the stage for potential gains the following day.

What’s Driving the Market Today?

The futures are up and showing all green, here is what is in focus globally for stocks:

  1. Fed rate cut doubts rise
  2. Treasury yields surge
  3. Tesla’s year-to-date loss: 35%
  4. Bitcoin drops to $66,629
  5. Nikkei falls on BOJ speculation

Cannabis Capital Market News:

The High Flyers yesterday were led by StateHouse which was up by just over 36%, and the Low Flyers were led by CordovaCann, which was down over 20% on the day. Here are the charts of the High and Low Flyers:

Let’s examine the highlights from companies in the TDR Comprehensive Cannabis Index!

  1. TerrAscend (TSX: TSND, OTC: TSNDF) 2023 financial results highlight significant growth, profitability improvements, and an achievement of positive annual cash flow. Read all about it on the TDR Website!
  2. Glass Lewis endorses Canopy’s (TSX: WEED, Nasdaq: CGC), strategic exchangeable shares proposal, aiming to accelerate U.S. cannabis market entry. Read all about it on the TDR Website!
  3. Despite facing challenges in 2023, TILT Holdings (CBOE: TILT, OTC: TLLTF) focus  on operational efficiency and market expansion set it up for potential growth in 2024! Read all about it on the TDR Website!
  4. Tilray (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY) receives Portugal’s first approval for a medical cannabis extract, enhancing patient care options.
  5. High Tide (NASDAQ: HITI) opens its 165th Canna Cabana store in Toronto, Ontario, enhancing its presence in Canada’s cannabis retail sector.
  1. Curaleaf (TSX: CURA) partners with Astrasana Pharma to enter the Czech medical cannabis market.
  2. CordovaCann (CSE: CDVA, OTCQB: LVRLF) reports strong 2024 start for Star Buds Cannabis Co., highlighting revenue growth and profit expansion.
  3. Glass House Brands (NEO: GLAS.A.U, GLAS.WT.U, OTC: GLASF, GHBWF) wins a $2.865M judgment against Element 7 by California Superior Court.
  4. South African Cilo Cybin aims for Johannesburg IPO, selling 10% of shares to raise 7.1 million rand.

Cannabis News 

  1. Japan’s underage cannabis offenses hit a record high in 2023, with 1,222 arrests among those under 20.
  2. According to Bloomberg Law – Labor peace agreements in the cannabis industry face enforcement challenges, affecting unionization efforts.
  3. Rats at New Orleans police headquarters have been eating confiscated cannabis and getting high, highlighting severe building infestations.

Cannabis Policy Highlights from our Friends at Marijuana Moment:

  1. President Biden assured progress on marijuana reform, responding to a supporter’s sign about decriminalization.
  2. HHS Secretary Becerra defended the recommendation to reschedule marijuana against criticism, highlighting state progress and scientific evidence.
  3. New Jersey aims to be the leading cannabis market on the East Coast, with $2 billion in sales and over 100 retailers.
  4. Thirty-six lawmakers urged President Biden to grant clemency to those in federal prison for non-violent cannabis offenses, highlighting the disparity with current societal views on marijuana.
  5. Illinois votes to consider female orgasmic disorder for medical marijuana qualification, reflecting a growing interest in cannabis for sexual health.

Psychedelic News:

  1. Clearmind (Nasdaq: CMND) received approval to voluntarily delist its shares from the CSE to focus on NASDAQ trading.
  2. Clearmind (Nasdaq: CMND) clinical trial for a psychedelic-based treatment offers new hope in alcoholism therapy, highlighting innovation in AUD treatment. Read all about it on the TDR Website

Crypto and Crypto Miners:

  1. UK court rules Craig Wright is not Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, ending speculation and legal disputes in the crypto community. Read all about it on the TDR Website!
  1. Large Bitcoin holders retain their assets due to long-term investment strategies and anticipation of future price increases.


  1. Anthropic releases Claude 3 Haiku, the fastest, most affordable AI in its class with advanced vision and strong benchmark performance.

Big $ Volume Big Caps Highlights:

  1. Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) will receive a multi-billion-dollar grant to boost U.S. chip production, announced by President Biden in Arizona.
  2. JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) faces nearly $350M in fines for gaps in its trade surveillance program, according to regulators.
  3. Steven Mnuchin forms a group to buy TikTok, aiming for an independent owner amidst national security concerns.

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