Why Verano Holdings’ CBOE Listing Is Game-Changing

We’re on location in Toronto for this exciting episode of The Dales Report. Verano Holdings has become the latest MSO to list on a tier one exchange. Today, we’re diving into these latest developments from Verano Holdings as they ring the bell at Cboe. What does it all mean for investors? We’ll share our thoughts.

Verano Holdings has come a long way since going public in February 2021. Chief Investment Officer Aaron Miles explains how Verano has been looking ahead to their next steps in the capital market even as they were publicly listing. Hear how they evaluated NEO early on but felt that the exchange didn’t have the firepower they were looking for.

What made Verano choose Cboe instead? Aaron tells all. This time, they are looking ahead to U.S. Capital markets. We’ll discuss how this strategic move to list on the Cboe Canada exchange opens some significant doors and opportunities – both for Verano Holdings, as well as their shareholders.

Does this listing position them well in the general market and impact their potential to enter the US market quickly if things align? Aaron Miles thinks so. We’ll also delve into the industry dynamics, market conditions, and the exciting momentum that’s pushing canna into a new era of growth.

With Verano Holdings and the industry set for what could be a monumental year in 2024, it’s a momentous occasion you won’t want to miss. Be sure to subscribe to our social channels for more insights and interviews with industry leaders. These interviews from the big names in the industry will help you keep up with the latest developments in the world of finance and trading cannabis, psychedelics, and more.

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