Crypto Industry’s Super PACs Seek Influence in 2024 Elections

The TDR Three Key Takeaways regarding Congressional Elections and Cryptocurrency:

  1. Crypto super PACs aim to sway congressional elections in favor of pro-crypto candidates.
  2. Fairshake PAC uses non-crypto ads to sway elections
  3. Crypto industry’s super PACs shape political influence in upcoming congressional elections.

The cryptocurrency industry’s super PACs have raised $102 million for the 2024 congressional elections, hoping to sway races in favor of pro-crypto candidates while opposing regulatory efforts. The report by Public Citizen has raised concerns about the industry’s influence, as crypto companies like Coinbase, Ripple Labs, and billionaire executives, including those who have faced SEC charges, make substantial political donations. These crypto super PACs aim to influence elections by supporting pro-crypto candidates and opposing those who seek regulatory oversight.

One significant player in this arena is the Fairshake Political Action Committee, the top crypto super PAC. This group has been criticized for running ads unrelated to cryptocurrencies, a tactic seen as an effort to manipulate voters. With narrow majorities in Congress, the cryptocurrency sector’s influence could impact key races.

The news highlights how the crypto industry uses political spending strategies reminiscent of those that Big Oil and insurance companies employ. These industries have long sought to block regulation and defeat candidates who support it. The crypto industry appears to be following a similar playbook, aiming to safeguard its interests by leveraging financial contributions through crypto super PACs.

Rick Claypool, a research director for Public Citizen, highlighted the industry’s previous attempts to influence elections, stating, “During the 2022 midterm elections, then-FTX CEO and now-convicted felon Sam Bankman-Fried personified the cryptocurrency sector’s attempt to use campaign spending to maximize its political influence.” This underscores the industry’s ongoing efforts to shape political outcomes.

The crypto news underscores a broader trend in which the crypto industry uses its financial muscle to influence politics. These crypto super PACs have raised substantial funds, with Fairshake Political Action Committee being a key player. Their activities raise questions about the industry’s intentions, especially when ads unrelated to crypto are used to sway voter opinion.The recent news highlights how the crypto industry works to protect its interests and avoid regulations that could impact its operations. The sector’s influence, especially through crypto super PACs, is under scrutiny as the 2024 congressional elections approach. The industry’s financial influence could shape future regulation and oversight. To keep up to date with all of TDR’s research and news, subscribe to our daily Baked In newsletter.

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