Crypto News Today – July 3rd, 2024

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Novogratz Predicts Positive US Crypto Regulation Regardless of Election Results

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital (TSE: GLXY, OTC: BRPHF), anticipates favorable US crypto regulations irrespective of the upcoming election outcome. He emphasized the bipartisan support for crypto innovation, stating that most US politicians are pro-crypto, with few exceptions like Elizabeth Warren. Novogratz remains optimistic about future legislation, highlighting its potential to foster industry growth and stability. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Ethereum ETF Anticipated to Boost Ether Demand

Experts predict that the upcoming launch of an Ethereum ETF will significantly drive up demand for Ether. This move is expected to attract institutional investors and bring more liquidity to the market.

US Judge Approves Expedited Schedule for ConsenSys Suit Against SEC

In a significant legal development, a US judge has approved an expedited schedule for the lawsuit filed by ConsenSys against the SEC. This case is being closely watched as it could set important precedents for regulatory clarity in the crypto space.

Robinhood to Launch Crypto Futures in US and Europe

Robinhood has announced plans to introduce crypto futures trading in both the US and Europe. This expansion aims to provide more diverse trading options for its users and strengthen its presence in the global crypto market.

OpenLedger Secures $8 Million Seed Round Led by Polychain

Blockchain company OpenLedger has successfully raised $8 million in a seed funding round led by Polychain Capital. The funds will be used to enhance its technology and expand its market reach.

Bloomberg Analyst: Boomers Are Better HODLers

According to a Bloomberg analyst, Baby Boomers are proving to be more resilient HODLers compared to younger generations. (HODL is a crypto slang term meaning to buy-and-hold indefinitely). Their long-term holding strategy is contributing to market stability during volatile periods.

Kraken Considers Nuclear Energy for Bitcoin Mining

Crypto exchange Kraken is exploring the use of nuclear energy to power its Bitcoin mining operations. This innovative approach aims to make mining more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Polkadot’s $245M Treasury Will Last 2 Years at Current Spending Rate

Polkadot’s treasury, holding $245 million, is projected to sustain the network’s operations for the next two years based on the current spending rate. This financial stability is crucial for ongoing development and ecosystem growth.

Astar Network to Burn 350M ASTR Tokens

Astar Network has announced plans to burn 350 million ASTR tokens, representing 5% of its total supply. This token burn aims to reduce supply and potentially increase the value of the remaining tokens.

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