Crypto News Today – June 11th, 2024

TDR Crypto News Today:

Fidelity International Tokenizes Money Market Fund on JPMorgan’s Blockchain

Fidelity International has successfully tokenized a money market fund using JPMorgan’s blockchain technology. This initiative, first reported on CoinDesk, aims to streamline operations and increase transparency for investors. Read all about it on the TDR Website.

Proposed Senate Bill Could Subject Crypto to US Sanctions

A new Senate bill proposes to include cryptocurrencies under US sanctions regulations. CoinDesk reported that the crypto industry is actively lobbying against the bill, arguing it could stifle innovation and growth.

Mainstream Adoption of Crypto Surges, Canaccord Reports

Canaccord’s latest report highlights a significant increase in mainstream crypto adoption over the past few months. The growing acceptance is attributed to institutional interest and broader public engagement, reported on CoinDesk.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Attract Significant Inflows

Bitcoin has seen $2 billion in inflows recently, while Ethereum has experienced its highest level of institutional buying since March. This trend reflects heightened confidence among major investors in the leading cryptocurrencies, reported on CoinDesk.

Exchange Balances of Bitcoin and Ethereum Hit Four-Year Lows

Bitcoin and Ethereum balances on exchanges have reached their lowest levels in four years. This suggests that investors are increasingly holding onto their assets rather than trading them, as reported on Crypto.News.

South Korea Classifies Select NFTs as Securities

In a groundbreaking move, South Korea has classified certain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as securities. This classification will subject these NFTs to the country’s financial regulations, aiming to protect investors and maintain market stability, first reported on Forkast News.

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