Crypto News Today – June 18th, 2024

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Bitcoin Rallies to $67K

Bitcoin has surged to $67,000, marking a significant rally in the cryptocurrency market. BTC miners have experienced gains between 5-10%, and XRP is leading the altcoin market with strong performance. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Tether Introduces Synthetic Dollar 

Tether has launched a new synthetic dollar backed by tokenized gold as part of its push towards tokenization. This new asset offers investors a stable value linked to gold, enhancing Tether’s product offerings.

zkSync’s Major Airdrop 

zkSync’s airdrop of its ZK token has resulted in an initial market cap near $900 million. The Layer 2 scaling solution has garnered significant attention, boosting its presence in the market.

SEC’s David Hirsch Resigns 

David Hirsch, the U.S. SEC’s leading crypto enforcer, has resigned, which could lead to changes in the regulatory approach towards the crypto industry. His departure may impact ongoing and future regulatory actions.

VanEck Launches Australia’s First Spot Bitcoin ETF 

VanEck has successfully launched Australia’s first spot Bitcoin ETF, providing a new avenue for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin directly. This marks a milestone in the Australian financial market.

Peter Schiff’s Latest Prediction

Economist Peter Schiff has predicted a significant decline in Bitcoin prices, warning investors of potential risks ahead on X post. He remains skeptical of Bitcoin’s long-term viability despite recent market trends.

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