Crypto News Today – June 19th, 2024

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Grayscale Survey Highlights Bitcoin’s Role in the 2024 US Election

Grayscale, in partnership with The Harris Poll, revealed that cryptocurrency is gaining significant relevance in the political outlook of the 2024 US election. The survey found that 47% of likely voters expect to include crypto in their investment portfolios, up from 40% previously. This rise in interest is coupled with a heightened awareness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as viable long-term investment opportunities. Voters are split on which party has favorable crypto policies, emphasizing the importance of individual candidates’ stances. Clear regulatory frameworks could encourage further investment, reflecting the growing importance of crypto in political discourse. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Crypto Scammers Target Major Trump Supporters

Following Donald Trump’s endorsement of crypto and his campaign’s acceptance of crypto donations, scammers are exploiting his supporters. Using fake websites and misleading donation centers, fraudsters are capitalizing on the loyal trust of Trump’s base. London-based Netcraft has identified multiple fraudulent schemes, including misspelled domains and fake payment processes, aimed at siphoning funds from genuine supporters.

Is Donald Trump Launching an Official Coin?

Rumors are swirling about Donald Trump launching an official cryptocurrency. While no formal announcement has been made, speculation continues to grow as Trump’s campaign integrates more crypto elements. The potential launch of a Trump coin could significantly impact the political and financial landscape, blending traditional support with modern digital assets.

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