Crypto News Today – July 2nd, 2024

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Bitcoin Faces Resistance Levels Amid Market Uncertainty

Bitcoin is encountering resistance around $65,000 as short-term holders aim to exit at breakeven levels amidst market volatility. Investor enthusiasm for Bitcoin ETFs has plummeted from $13 billion in Q1 to $2.6 billion in Q2, reflecting changing market sentiment. Despite the downturn, historical patterns indicate potential opportunities for strategic investors, as Bitcoin’s price volatility is part of a typical market correction. Broader macroeconomic concerns, including the potential for prolonged high interest rates, are contributing to the cautious market atmosphere. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Trump Surges to 67% in Polymarket Odds Post Presidential Debate

Following the first 2024 presidential debate, former President Donald Trump’s odds of winning the election jumped to 67% on Polymarket. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s chances of becoming the Democratic nominee decreased to 70%, and Gavin Newsom’s odds rose to 15%​.

Sony Enters Crypto Market with Amber’s Japan Unit Acquisition

Sony (NYSE: SONY) has acquired Amber Group’s Japan unit, marking its strategic entry into the cryptocurrency market. This move aims to expand Sony’s influence in the growing digital asset sector​.

MetaPlanet Invests Additional $12M in Bitcoin

Investment firm MetaPlanet has increased its Bitcoin holdings by $12 million as part of its ongoing investment strategy. This move reflects MetaPlanet’s confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term potential​.

Robinhood Acquires AI Investment Firm Pluto Capital

Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) has acquired AI investment firm Pluto Capital to enhance its trading and investment capabilities. This acquisition is expected to bring advanced AI-driven investment solutions to Robinhood’s platform​.

Solana’s CHWY Token Soars 300%

Solana’s CHWY token surged by 300%, fueled by interest from the famed investor known as Roaring Kitty. The increase follows the filing related to Chewy, highlighting the token’s potential for high returns​​.

Marathon Digital Stock Price Gains

Marathon Digital’s stock price saw significant gains as the overall crypto market moved higher. Investors remain optimistic about the company’s future performance in the digital asset space​.

Circle Receives MiCA-Compliant EMI License for Europe

Stablecoin issuer Circle has obtained a MiCA-compliant Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license in Europe. This regulatory approval will allow Circle to expand its services across the European market​​.

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