DigiMax Acquires Crypto Division of Delphi Analytics to Increase AI Depth and Expand its Predictive Solutions

CryptoDivine to Offer Predictions and Analytics for Multiple Currencies and Alt-Coins Before Year-End

DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc. (CNSX:DIGI) (OTCMKTS:DBKSF), a company that provides artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency technology solutions, announces the acquisition of the Crypto Division of Delphi Analytics, a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Delphi Analytics is a decade-old technology company that utilizes a variety of data analytics, models and machine learning to generate algorithms to increase predictability and outcomes in trading and corporate financial risk management.

Delphi constructs proprietary algorithms and indices (termed AiCi’s = Artificial Intelligence Confidence Indices) as well as develops AiCi’s for specific/custom use. The AiCi’s are derived from different data sources and utilize a different methodology than DigiMax, making it a perfect complement and augment CryptoDivine.ai. Delphi also tracks multiple cryptocurrencies and will enable the DigiMax CryptoDivine.ai solution to broaden the number of cryptocurrencies followed, as well as monitor new Alt-Coins that have the potential to experience substantial growth based on meeting certain risk criteria developed by DigiMax and Delphi.

As a result of their complementary skills and activities, DigiMax will be able to continually broaden the CryptoDivine offering to its subscribers to include the following:

  1. Enhance AI prediction for the current BTC and ETH Price Trend Change Indicators;
  2. Offer a second level of general trend watch for several additional currencies (some of which from time to time will be elevated to the Price Trend Change Indicators;
  3. A new currency outlook section where new currencies that meet minimum quality thresholds can be indicated that appear ready to break out into a broader following.

Outside of its Crypto Division, Delphi also partners with asset managers and individual investors to create AiCi’s for a number of securities and groups of securities. These partnerships, in turn, seek to automate analysis of corporate financial risk; commodity exposure (inputs), currency exposure (purchasing or customer) and investment exposure.

We are excited about being able to acquire both the Delphi technology related to cryptocurrencies and to add the ongoing talent of the principals of Delphi to our team. We believe this complementary technology and their coverage of a broader range of currencies will enable our CryptoDivine.ai solution to rapidly increase its predictive accuracy as it will aid in the rapid scaling of revenue expected to be generated by CryptoDivine.ai.

DigiMax Chief Technology Officer, Thierry Hubert

“We see DigiMax and CryptoDivine.ai as being a global leader in providing both institutional and individual investors with predictive analytics at a level not seen elsewhere in our industry,” said Delphi CEO, Jake Saba. “We also believe we can help DigiMax substantially grow its investor base in its new Crypto Fund as Delphi has a rich network of institutional investors looking for a Fund where they can gain exposure to cryptocurrency while profitably capturing as much of the volatility of these currencies as possible.”

By acquiring the Crypto Currency division of Delphi, DigiMax is acquiring ownership and exclusive rights to all of Delphi Technology that is used for crypto analytics. The purchase price consists of USD$300,000 being paid over 12 months, and renewable consulting contracts with the two principals of Delphi including CEO Jake Saba and CTO Greg Foss. Delphi is also being awarded a two-year Option for 200,000 shares at a strike price of CDN $0.25 per share.

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